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Apply Loans

Need to take out a loan for your tuition fee, home repair, or to jumpstart your own business? With KAYA, applying for a loan is easy and stress-free, putting your security and ease above all.

Mobile & E-Wallet Top-Up

If you’re short on mobile load, you can use the e-loading service on the KAYA app to top-up your prepaid SIMs or mobile wallets. Buy e-load through KAYA and stay connected with your family and friends.

Funds Transfer

Sending or receiving money is as easy as transferring from your own account to another. Funds transfer can be easily done through the KAYA app, KAYA ATM, or KAYA branch.

Bulk Payments

Eliminate the use for checks to disburse loans, payroll, or similar bulk payments. KAYA provides co-ops a cost effective way of doing these transactions through batch online credits to the recipient KAYA accounts.

Bill Payments

Paying your co-op, utility, telco, and other bills can be convenient with KAYA’s Bills Payment Service. Regular or one time payments can be easily done through the KAYA mobile app or at any of the KAYA branches.

Inquire Balance/Account Statement

Whether it is balance inquiry, mini statements, available balances, or any other recent transactions, KAYA users can easily view financial details with their KAYA mobile app.


Are you a co-op looking to grow your membership and your business? Reach your goals and benefit from KAYA’s expanding network of cooperatives and services.


Want to learn more about how to make the most out of your KAYA account? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions to see what other services KAYA offers.

For Non-KAYA User

Excited to start using your KAYA account? Or want to know a faster way to open an online savings account that allows you easy access and 24/7 transactions?


Want to give your customers option to transact online? Using KAYA you can soon provide your customers ways to conduct their financial transactions safely.