Month: March 2022

Young Co-op Goes Digital Thru KAYA Payment Platform

CAUAYAN CITY – Who would ever think that an obscure barangay would experience cashless transactions in sari-sari stores, carinderias, and the talipapa? Barangay Nungnungan Dos is proving to be the epicenter of digitalization in this city as Exponent Credit Cooperative (ECC) leads the way, powered by KAYA Payment Platform. ECC currently uses KAYA ATM, KAYA

“Digitalize!” says Asec Vidal

Asst. Vidal Villanueva of the Cooperative Development Authority spoke at the International Credit Union Day celebration on October 21, and he gave a very urgent advise of credit co-operatives are to reach the unbanked communities, with special mention of KAYA Payment Platform offered by NATCCO and PFCCO. Credit co-ops must reach the unbanked communities, so